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Is it okay if I can record this? If it's okay with you, I was gonna start recording tomorrow. My channel:

Sure, no problem.  Can't wait to see your video!

Awesome! I'll start recording tonight, try and have it put out in the morning. I'll put the links in the description for the games and such. There's no copyright music in it, right?

There are Resident Evil themes(like RE:CVX safe room, RE1 remake theme, etc.)

I'm sorry, I fell asleep waiting on the copyright reply or not.

I'll record real soon!

JUST finished recording. Should be up later today!

Finally got around to uploading it. Here, sorry about the 11 day wait. XD

Hi, I want to send you free DLC for your video, just give me any contact(email for example)

Deleted post

I keep dying for no apparet reason when I'm playing the girl 

It's probably because you don't drink or eat. At first you will not be able to sprint(shift) and then you will die. This info is right at start of the game.

Was this made in VX Ace?

Yes, it was. New game I am making is going to be in MV, tho. Thank you for comment :)

Would you like help with that? I myself have MV and can port over all the files into an MV game. I'd love to help.

Sure! Every help is welcome! Just send me contact and we can talk about it.

My email is Send me an email soon so we can discuss this more ok?

Playing this lately! It's cool.

Thank you! I am definitely going to send you link for free DLC!

Cool game, brah.

Thank you for feedback. Try DLC.